AMO/MMRS Membership for 2017

AMO/MMRS Membership for 2017

Regular price $100

Come race with AMO/MMRS!!! AMO/MMRS Racing provides a safe environment, well run and fun atmosphere for the whole family. The membership dollars will go towards your yearend banquet ($15 off single member. $35 off Family Members) and the rest goes to staff, trailer, amenities, prizing, and websites ( and Gate and Entry fees at each race are what help pay for payback classes, flaggers, insurance, announcer, gate personal, medics, trophies (every class every race top 5, minus payout classes), track maintenance, and track rentals. All these items are to ensure a safe fun filled day.

Memberships Fees with AMO for 2017:

Individual Racer: $100/per

Family Membership: $160

* This covers all family members living under the same roof 18 years and younger.

* This also covers any family member who is a student, up to 21 years of age.

*Note: Please use the number you have from previous clubs. AMO/MMRS will be running the number system like AMA. Run what you wish. A conflict on race day will results in one of the racers wearing an X or change the number.

*NO MAILER. All membership cards will be picked up at first attended race by member.

No Day Passes in 2017. At each event non-members of AMO/MMRS will be charged a premium on their entry for that day.

Entry Fees Per Event:

$35 first class

$25 second class

$20 third class


Non-Member Entry fee:

$50 first class

$40 second class

$30 third class


Weekend pricing will be announced before each two day event. Entry is always the same. Gate and Camping maybe be different at certain venues.


Practice day fees: Up to track owner of event weekend. Always look for press announcement concerning these fees prior to each event.


Family membership includes:
- All immediate family members living at home.
- Applies to members 18 yrs. or under or students 18 years - 21 years.
- Gate fees are not included in the membership - everyone entering must pay gate fees.




* H.S.T. included in above prices